Cost between Disneyland and WDW ~ Why do I do it?

People ask me all the time how I do it. How do I manage to find the time to write a blog while working and raising a family and well playing online? After a great deal of thought I think I know the answer….

My blog is my way to show the world that Rewards Sites can work for you. I started Savings for Disney to show people this. I don’t spend all day working on Rewards Site but I do check in almost every day. I don’t have the time to spend all day on the computer with a full time job, a baby and a husband. So how do I do it? 15 minutes.

I go in I get what I want to get and I get out. I try for my survey, I do my paid clicks, I check my emails for surveys from specific survey sites and then I go about the rest of my day. I may check my email throughout the day but I really only do rewards site for 15 minutes. What does it get me? Well Sunshine Rewards has given me Disney Gift Cards; MySurveys, Pinecone Research, and Survey Savvy have given me checks that in turn going into my Savings for Disney; and Mypoints gives me Rainforest Cafe cards that in turn are used at Disney.

Why Disney? Why not? We all have a goal, we all have a dream. Mine is to go to my favorite place anything Disney. For me, living in California, you would think that Disneyland is cheaper to get to but it really isn’t. Here is the break down for me:

Flight = $150pp RT x 2 = $300 RT
Airport to Hotel $30 each way = $60 RT
Hotel = $100 – $150 per night x 4 nights = $400 – $650
Tickets = 4 Days $200pp x 2 = $400
Food = $100 per Day x 4 = $400
Total for 4 nights = $1560 – 1810 per trip

Walt Disney World
Flight $200pp RT x 2 = $400 RT
Airport to Hotel $FREE with Disney Transfer
Hotel = $80-$120 per night x 4 nights = $320 – $480
Ticket = 4 Days $225 x 2 = $450
Food = $100 per Day x 4 – $400
Total for 4 nights = $1570 – 1930 per trip

Not that much difference until you add this into the picture: There are never any discounts at Disneyland. If you get a discount at a Disneyland hotel it is probably still $150 per night minimum. At Disneyworld a 7 day ticket is 10 dollars more then a 4 day ticket. They often offer a % off their room rates there sometimes up to 50% off. You need to watch for them but they do show up. Usually Disney Visa holders and Annual Passholders offers are out first. The average joe will be told several weeks later. I ususally find out on my favorite website I have never in the entire time I have gone to Disneyworld paid more then $100 a night for a moderate resort. We usually stay at Port Orleans and I work it until I get the rate I want. In the fall they offer free dining too which for us would cut out $700 of our dining costs if you watch for it. But its still a lot of money right?????? Well now rewards sites come in. This year alone since starting to plan our WDW vacation I have saved $400 for our trip in free money plus $50 for Rainforest Cafe. What does that mean? At $100 a day for dining I have earned almost 5 days of food. Whats next? Well my ticket, my hotel, my flight. Why do I start with food? I don’t really but I start with what I think is easier. If I know I have to come up with $400 in flights or $500 in tickets or $700 in rooms I get discouraged. So I start with $100 a day. For me it is a mind game. For you it may work out another way.

So now ask yourself what do Rewards sites do for you? How do you get to your goal? My blog helps you realize that. Please take the time. Read it, comment on it, help me with it. Without your support I can’t be successful.



One response to “Cost between Disneyland and WDW ~ Why do I do it?

  • savinitup

    I am right with you. I have been taking surveys for almost 2 years and have used the money for extra stuff that was not included in my budget…like movies, clothes, dinner. But it wasn’t until I Stumbled onto Sunshine Rewards in April that I got to thinking about Disney, specifically Walt Disney World.

    I figured why not try to save for our First trip tp Walt disney World. I have always wanted to go but never had the funds in the budget to go. Well so far with Sunshine Rewards and other survey sites, I have earned almost $1000 and since our trip is not until March, I have a little more to earn. So believe when Savings for Disney says it can be done because I know first hand that it can.

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