The $20 Buck Challenge

I decided to start a $20 challenge.  Take a $20 bill out of the bank and try to shop with it.  At the end what will I come home with that I can put towards something else?  My challenge store this week was Rite Aid.  Here is what I bought:

Snickers Fin Size $2.50

Teddy Graham Fun Size $2.50

M&M Peanut Butter x 2 $2.50 EACH

Tugaboo Baby Wipes $2.96

Chestal Child Cough Syrup Honey $4.99

Thermacare Back Wrap $2.99

Bodi Heat $2.99

Greeting Card $2.79

Reeses Piece $.50

Final Cost: $26.72

Coupons: Candy $.50 x 2 $1.00

Candy $1.50 off Three

Thermacare $1.00

Wellness Rewards $2.00

$5 off $25 Coupon

Final cost after coupons plus tax $16.48

I had $3.52 remaining. But I also got $2.00 in Wellness Rewards and $9.97 in Rebates

Now what can you do with $20 Bucks?


One response to “The $20 Buck Challenge

  • Carol

    Ok, I cheated because I didn’t take a $20 bill, I used my debit card. But I still did pretty good:

    2x Bic Multi Purpose Lighters (for our trailer) $5.49 ea
    2x Trident Layers Gum $1.59 ea
    2x Mentos Gum $$1.99 ea
    Axe Body Wash for Men $3.99 (on sale)
    Axe Shower tool detailer $3.99 (on sale)

    Final Cost: 31.34

    Walgreens coupon for Bic Lighters $5.00
    Manufacturer coupon for Bic Lighters 2x $1.00
    Walgreens coupon for Trident $1.20
    Mfg coupon for trident $1.00/2
    Walgreens coupon for Mentos $2.00
    Mfg coupon for mentos 2x $100
    Mfg coupon for Axe (B1G1) $3.99

    Total out of pocket: $10.15

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