My Toy Story 3 and Maters Tall Tales Deal

So everyone sees to be posting the deals they have found.  I thought I would share mine with you.

Toys R Us is offering a Disney Movie Coupon book right now you can pick up in store along with a $10 Toys R Us gift card for every $40 in Disney DVD’s you buy.  So here goes.

Toy Story 3 Blu Ray Combo Pack was $34.99 less a $8.00 Coupon found on Disney Movie Rewards and $3.00 from the coupon book.  The final price was $23.99

Maters Tall Tales was $17.99 and there was no coupon that could be used.

When you bought Toy Story 3 you got a free Clock ($14.99 Value) and if you spent over $30.00 on Toy Story Items you got a free popcorn tin ($9.99 Value). I normally wouldn’t have bought this but if I was going to get it for free I am sure to be able to use it for a gift.

I also found some great pajamas which were a smokin’ deal.  So the bottom line is:

$23.99 + $17.99 = $41.98 – $10.00 Gift Card Back = $31.98 – Clock ($14.99) and Tin ($9.99) = $7.00 for two movies

Sweet!  Here is the proof:


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