Day Four Lets have a Contest

So far this holiday contest is making the season just a bit brighter.  You have entered for a chance to win these precious clips, a $25 Gift Card to, and a $5.00 Target Gift Card

Take a Break Today.  Sip a cup of Cocoa, Coffee, or Tea and enjoy the contest.  For todays contest you will be entered to receive a $5.00 Starbucks Gift Card.  What do I have to do?  Let me know what your holiday wish would be.  It can be for anything.  What is your holiday wish.

Mine is for my daddy to be here this Christmas.  Those who knew him, know he was an amazing man that was taken way to soon.  I am sorry god but you don’t go on vacation to Walt Disney World and not get to come home.  This my friends is my holiday wish.

Trust me you don’t have to top it.  My son’s would be for some new cars to play with.


Tomorrow will be a different prize and a different way to enter.  At the end of 5 days you will receive this fabulous package of gifts as my holiday gift to you.  Easy as pie.  Also if you come into this contest tomorrow you can go back and enter each set of games.  Limit one entry per day.

Good Luck!


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