What will you cashout for? January 2011

I haven’t really been excited about posting my cashouts each month but I figured hat 2011 was a new year and that means a new way of showing you how I do things.  Each month I cashout to the nearest dollar.  Here is what I did for December and what I get to cashout for in January.

On Opinion Outpost I have earned $8.10 (Cashout $8.00 Even) Balance $.10

On MySurvey I have earned 5225 points (5150 points = $50.00 Cashout) Balance 75

On SurveySavvy I have earned $3.00 (Cashout $3.00) Balance $0.00

My total cashout for January is $61.00 that goes towards my WDW dream this year.



2 responses to “What will you cashout for? January 2011

  • Melissa

    I have never posted on here but have always wanted to! I have to say that I am an avid survey taker and points collector! I am involved in over 25+ sites that I try to keep up with and have a full time job! Does that make me crazy??? I am going to start keeping better track of everything so I can start participating but I do everything monthly not weekly! Have a great new year – hope you reach your goal for your trip – we are going back in 2012 and I can finally say next year now!

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