Hidden Disneyland Food Gems

There is so much about Disneyland that most people miss. I wanted to take a moment and share a few with you.
1. Best cookies are not even found inside Disneyland park. Actually they are found at both the candy stores in California Adventure and Downtown Disney.
2. If you want a quietr place to eat try Hungry Bear in Critter Country. With a two story dining platform there is sure to be at ton of space to eat. There are also secret bathrooms there.
3. Best chocolate cake goes out to the Golden Horseshoe. Get a piece of their Mile High chocolate cake to share.
4. Want something healthiet? In what we call Princessville next to Its a small World across from the train depot there is s dining are not even on the map. They offer healthier fare like baked potatoes.
5. Ever tried a Mint julep? You aren’t missing much but it is fun to try one. These are located on the backside of New Orleans Square attached to the French Market. Did you even know it was back there?
6. How about a sour slushie? Well head over to the shack located across from the Matterhorn. You can even sit on the old boat docks to eat it.
7. Want something yummy? Well even healthier? Jump over to California Adventure and go to Pacifc Warf. The bread shop there is a replica from San Fran, the line inside moves fast, and the Shrimp Louie Salad is a must.
8. Finally for now, looking for breakfast? Head over to Rainforest Cafe. It is good usually quick and the ability to hop on the monorail from that point well….
Sorry these hidden goodies are all food related but face it. You gotta eat.


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