Great place for characters

It wasn’t until I started to go through my pictures of Disneyland that the front hub on Main Street has some of the best character interaction. Unlike Disneyworld where each character comes with a photopass person (Disneyland hasn’t figured out the profitability on that one yet) you have to have your own camera ready. But at any given time there was an average of 8 to 10 different characters. They included The Fab Five plus Chip and Dale normally sometimes Alice and some of her crew or even Mary Poppins and Bert. Needless to say if you are ever at Dl and on a character hunt try Main Street.


One response to “Great place for characters

  • Kim

    We went in October and even saw Eyore which is rare. Jack and Sally are next to the Haunted Mansion during Halloween but they get a long line quickly. We saw the Mad Hatter several times and once was with Alice at the Tea Cups. Also saw the Queen of Hearts and Captain Hook across from the Tea Cups. In July I Saw Buzz and have never seen him before or sense.

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