Rewards Site Round Up Week Twelve

I am excited to share with you my rewards earnings this week.  Please note that most are reset at 0 because I cashed out for the month.  You can see that under a seperate blog entry.

Check it out!

Opinion Outpost: $.10 Last Week, This Week $1.10, Increase of $1.00

MySurvey 75 (.75)Last Week, This Week 145 ($1.45) Increase of $.70

SurveySavvy $0.00 Last Week, this week $2.50, Increase of $2.50

Sunshine Rewards $57.28 Last Week, this week $58.02, Increase of $.74 (I have lots pending though)

Total for this week is $4.94

With everything that has been going on I am super excited about this.  Found money is found money right?



One response to “Rewards Site Round Up Week Twelve

  • Savin' It Up

    i will rejoin this group as things are finally calming down with work, school and blog

    My totals do not list an increase, just a the amount as of today. I will update them here weekly.

    SR is $7.74
    Opinion Outpost is $1.10 (110pts)
    MySurvey is 580pts
    Mypoints is 2633pts
    Lightspeed Panel is 265pts
    Surveysavvy is $2.00

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