The Character Breakfast Joke

After a lengthy conversation with my sister the other day I realized that what I do at Character Breakfasts is pretty funny.  I can not (nor can most) for the life of me eat over $20 worth of Eggs.  I just can’t.  I have tried trust me but I just really can’t.  So I really go to the character breakfasts to indulge in the characters right?  Well until last time when I realized that most of these breakfasts serve boxed cereals.  Cereals like Fruit Loops and Frosted Flakes and such.  Well so I thought last time my son could snack on these things throughout the day and I wouldn’t have to buy snacks.  Today before our adventure guess what I did.  Pulled out my last box of Fruit Loops from our December trip.  So…..  Bottom line I justified my character breakfast not only with the characters but with the boxes of Fruit Loops I was able to stockpile for several weeks.  I didn’t think I took that many, honest.


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