Awesome diaper deal made today

I know half of my friends and family think I am smoking something when I work a deal. Well this one is no different. I purchased one of the Amazon gift certificates from Living Social when they were on. The deal was get a $20 gift certificate for $10. I knew i was gonna get diapers with it when i found it. I subscribed to parenting early years and they always have a Amazon and Gymboree coupon in there. So today when i got my cert i got onto Amazon and put Huggies Little Movers in there. The box was $25 but there was a subsribe and save deal that reduced it 30%. I did that knowing i can cxl it in a few weeks. Then I applied my 20% off coupon and my total was $16.16 for 108 diapers. Then I applied my gift cert i bought and it really cost me only $10 but i also still have $4 in my account cuz it was a $20 cert. My final cost was .09 a diaper.
No do you think im crazy? If so can you beat it. This whole deal quest took me less then 5 minutes. I knew what i was going after.


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