Just getting back in to Surveys

My goal is simple I think.  I am hoping to complete 2 surveys for at least $.60 a day.  That is a $1.20 increase a day.  I was just in one of those don’t want to do it modes and then I thought well I am sure gonna get to disneyworld that way aren’t I.  I am so excited to be doing them again.  They have been pretty easy recently.  Maybe it is a build up of what I haven’t been doing.  Nonetheless it is free money and a increase in my Disney account.  So excited.


2 responses to “Just getting back in to Surveys

  • Savin IT Up

    I have to get back into them also. I slowed down once my trip was paid in full and had a little extra left over. I need to make a push before this final cashout..

  • Melissa

    Thats how I started to – I joined in Feb of 10 and then in April 10 finally got back into it and realized if I do 1.00 a day then I get at least 25.00 a month which is better than nothing… Once you get there than you can set new goals too! So far I am at over 300.00!!!!

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