Rite Aid Shopping Trip Today

So I went on my second Rite Aid shopping trip of the week.  The week only started Sunday too.  But I had to get it done before I forgot.  Well today I purchased the following items:

2 Gillette bodywash 2 for $8.00 – $3.00 UP – 2 x $2.00 Coupons = 2 for $1.00

Cold Calm $5.99

Cold Calm Child $6.99

M&M’s $.50

My final price before store was $17.48 But then I had a $4 off $20 purchase,$3.00 UP,  $2.00 Video values, 4 x $1.00 video Values= $4.00 to take an additional $10.00 Off for a Final price out the door of $ 4.48 plus the stupid tax of $1.32 = $5.80

It gets better though because I got $3.00 UP back and I have a rebate of $5.99 and a rebate of $6.99 coming so my final price was $10.18 PROFIT!


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