Winner of the WDW Where to Eat Contest ~ Part 2 ~

The winner was picked out of 10 people who entered.  And the winner happened to be…..


Oh my WORD, this one will be easy for me! I have MANY, MANY places that we love to go, but by far, our absolute favorite place is Le Cellier (in Epcot’s Canada). You have to get their Mushroom Filet Mignon. Melts in your mouth. VERY hard to get a ressie these days. We’ve gone multiple times each trip in the past, but this last trip in Nov/Dec we only by chance were able to make it in there once, and that required much daily checking online. I would have cried if I didn’t get to eat there at least once on our trip. Their Maple creme brulee for dessert is amazing too! Oh and their cheddar beer soup! I’m so hungry now! If you can’t get ressies for Le Cellier, then I recommend the new restaurant in Italy, called Via Napoli. It’s got some great authentic Sicilian style pizza. I loved their 3 mushroom. YUMO!

Be on the lookout for your prize and don’t forget to enter the new contest starting this weekend.


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