Thinking about where you shop

So last night I was thinking while trying to go to bed.  It was about where I shopped.  I don’t shop at Walmart and most of my purchases really come by way of Target.  But as I am deal shopping more and more at Rite Aid I am realizing this:

They are the better place.  Sure their prices may be more expensive on some things.  That is when you wait for a sale.  But the customer service is amazing.  Now our Rite Aid is in the middle of the Ghetto and if a bomb hit it, it may be an improvement but inside that store you have staff that helps you.  You can return items without question and 9 times out of 10 there isn’t a wait to check out.  All these things are key.

Do you have a place that just stands out to you?


One response to “Thinking about where you shop

  • Leslye

    They have excellent customer service. I returned sunscreen I purchased for my husband. I paid sale price minus very generous coupons. Their return policy is 30 days. They gave me back full price 60 or more days out from purchase. I really should shop rite aide more.

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