My son needed jeans

My son is really tall and really skinny.  Although he wears 18-24M in length he is a 12-18 in the waist.  So I was on a mission for adjustable waist jeans.  I went to the Gap and Gymboree outlet yesterday and both had adjustable waist at 2T but not below and were $22.99 and 20% off.  I quickly got discouraged and came home and got on gap.  Knowing that 1969 jeans were out of my price range I thought I would check anyway.  Only to find that they were on sale for $16 a pair.  1969 jeans have adjustable waist at 18M and they fit well.  Most of the time the price however not so much.  But I struck gold here.  I mean the Genuine Kids at Target are almost the same price as well.  Check it out.  I was so excited.


2 responses to “My son needed jeans

  • Laura

    I used to have the same problem with my boys. I had a lot of luck with Old Navy.

  • Stacy

    I totally know what you are going through. We still have that issue with the boys. Both of them! Long legs and skinny bitty waists. Anyway, Have you tried Crazy 8’s? We just got some jeans for $9.99. I got all their jeans for this current school year this last summer for $6.99 (a special sale they were having). Anyway, I know they have adjustable waists, and they have the smaller sizes too. Just wait, once you finally find the perfect jeans, that have style AND affordability, then you’ll get to look forward to them wearing holes in the knees. It never ends with boys! 😉

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