Dining Reservations for our Trip ~ Dining plan or No? ~

So initially we had booked the Disney Dining Plan with our hotel stay.  Then we got to thinking about how I try very hard to feed myself and my child more then just chicken nuggets, burgers, mac and cheese, and hot dogs.  And I realized that the dining plan we had was one sit down and one counter each day.  It was about $45 and some change.  So we mapped out dining ideas and where we wanted to eat.  We came up with the following plan:

Day 1

Whispering Canyon Cafe

Chef Mickeys

Day 2

The Crystal Palace


Day 3

Hollywood and Vine

Cape May Cafe

Day 4

Kona Cafe

Toyko Dining

Day 5

Yak and Yeti


Day 6

1900 Park Fare

Day 7


Hoop De Doo

Day 8

Le Cellier

Day 9

Chef Mickey

Now with this being said we also have T-Rex going in there somewhere.  But we chose to have a hearty breakfast or early lunch and then a hearty dinner.  So we decided to look into the Deluxe Dining Plan and found that at about $78 each we couldn’t justify that either.  It sounded good but that offered 3 sit downs each day.  And that is a lot of food if you look at it.  So what do you think?


One response to “Dining Reservations for our Trip ~ Dining plan or No? ~

  • Elizabeth

    With one counter service and one sitdown and one snack you are going to be stuffed! You will never be able to eat all the food you get. Stay with the basic dining.

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