SC Johnson Buzz Kit Review Round Up

As you know from previous posts I received a Buzz Kit from Buzz Agent with some great SC Johnson products in it.  The kit contained several full size items that I was suppose to try.  And here is what I came to the conclusion of:

Pledge: I don’t use anything besides swifter dusters

Mega Foamer from Scrubbing Bubbles: Awesome.  I don’t use it as much as the shower sprayer but I do use it when I really need to clean the shower and it does a beautiful job.  I can honestly say that it is one of the very few products out there that actually works for my shower.  And I have a shelf in my garage full of things that I have tried over the years.

Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gel: is all I use.  It works so well is so easy to use and just so well worth it.  I love how the product continues to work, however, I do have to say that I have never had one work for the entire 6 weeks.  I find that they only work for about 4 weeks max.  But they keep my bathroom fresh and clean.  Or at least my toilet.

The Glade Spring Collection Candle: was beautiful.  I don’t ususally use these candles.  I like to use the candles in the tins as they burn out and still leave a lingering smell and I don’t have to worry about them to much.  These I am constantly watching.  But the scent was refreshing and I have never had a Glade candle where it didn’t fill the house up with a nice smell.

The Glad Clean Linen Scented Oil: I went out today and bought the warmer to try this product and I have to say it is aweful.  It doesn’t smell like Clean Linen or fresh Linen or actually any type of Linen at all.  The only thing it smells like is soap.  On a positive note it does fill both my kitchen and living room with the smell and is on the lowest setting of one on the warmer.  I am going to leave it in until the morning to see if there is any improvement.

Overall I love the products I received and I hope that this gave you a little insight as to what products I liked and didn’t.  Now here’s to you:

If you would like to join Buzz Agent and get kits like this to try for free they would love to have.  If you do join send me a shout out so I know you joined.  It is a great company worth every second I take to review the products and am excited to try more and more items.

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