Have you been watching Extreme Couponing

OMG!  I am addicted to this trainwreck.  Actually I am watching the one right now from Wednesday the 4th.  And I have to say at lease these two are doing something good with their money.  A single mom supporting three and a husband and wife donating their stuff for the greater good.  I have found some Extreme coupons that I just say OMG that is just over the top and some that are just wow that is a great thing I would have never thought of that.  And furthermore I am glad they are finally talking about how long it actually takes some people to do this couponing.  I personally think dumpster diving and 60 hours a week is a little over the top but I am willing to coupon to get what I need.  Do you coupon?  Do you Extreme Coupon?  Have you ever wondered where they get those coupons?  My favorite site is Coupons.com but there are tons of them out there.  A lot that you don’t even hear about.

Red Plum

Smart Source

Mambo Sprouts

Coupon Network

What are some of yours?  Let me know what your thoughts are.


One response to “Have you been watching Extreme Couponing

  • LS (Savinitup)

    I am so glad they are starting to show more of those who donate. I am a coupon shopper buy not extreme. I do search for deals and it does take time, but with school, work and my own blog, I don’t have a lot of leftover time. The shopping I do is for multiple households that have recently lost jobs.

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