Savingstar Update

So yesterday I suggested that you all check out Savingstar.  well I wanted to go into detail for you.  After you join you put on the coupons you want.  It is really easy to use.  There is actually an IPhone app for this as well.  Right now coupons include:

$1.00 on Bayer Asprin

$2.00 on Aleve

$1.00 when you buy two lean cuisines

$1.00 when you buy a Skinny cow item

$1.00 on Digiorno Pizza

$1.50 on CPK Pizza

$1.00 on 2 Juicy Juice

And So on.  Now when you use your rewards card these coupons automatically go into your account as credits.  Credits that can be used towards:

A Bank Deposit, Paypal credit, and Amazon Gift Card and you only need $5.00 to cash out.

Does this make more sense?  Does it make you want to try it?


These can also be used in conjunction with paper coupons you have along with Upromise coupons you have loaded on your card. Which right now include

Aleve as well so you would really get $4.00 back

Bayer making it $2.00 back

Making this an even better deal.


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