Bay Lake Towers not for lil kids

Disney needs to rethink the Bay Lake Towers set up a bit. If you have a little one under about 4 it really isn’t a great room. Several reasons include:

The handles are the pull down kind not the knob kind and it is so easy to open anything.

The bathroom has a slider on it which means easy entry and with no lid on the toilets well….

The galley kitchen, although great, is easy to access anything. And I mean anything. And since it is all fixed to the furniture there is no moving it.

And that’s not saying anything about the floors. Love the tile is is beautiful, but how many coats of polish does it need. I don’t like slipping when I walk around with or without shoes on. I’d like to know how many incident reports they have each week.

The pro’s of the hotel far outweigh the con’s but think twice with little kids unless the room comes with a baby gate


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