Don’t miss Haunted Mansion

Okay so I have do say DO NOT MISS the Haunted Mansion. If you have been on it before go on it again there are some killer new things. Like the cemetery. The line splits and the left, which is always long, but worth it once, takes you through a new cemetery. It is awesome.

The Madam Leotta tombstone moves. Did you know his? Did you know her eyes opened?

Further, the ghosts at the end. Well that alone is worth multiple trips just to see what they do. I have had my face replaced by my husbands, my face removed, and totally vanished and that’s kinda hard to do since as my hubby says “she’s as big as a house.”

Lastly, as you leave the ride look up at the pet cemetery. Mr. toad is up there from the ride. So cool.

Next time you are here check it out.


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