Take That Disney Dining Plan

So we all think this is a great thing. I read it on every blog and on every fb page about how this is so great. Well let me tell you about my experience. Disney Dining Plan wasn’t available for my most recent trip the way I wanted it. Meaning that it wouldn’t cover all we wanted to eat. Here is what I mean:

There was two of us adults and a 2 year old that ate for free at buffets and very reasonable at sit down restaurants. We took $1300 and had money in our account if we needed more. We came home with $100.00. So for 11 days we spent $1200.00 on food and bottled water, etc. First off we bought the Tables in Wonderland card for $75.00 which gave us 20% off our meals at the sit down restaurants. With Tables in Wonderland gratuity in the amount of 18% is added. Which means you only get 2% off but what you see as your total bill is what you get. In this cost we ate at:

Kona – Breakfast and Dinner (2x)

Whispering Canyon – Breakfast

Boma – Dinner

Ohana – Breakfast and Dinner

1900 Park Fare – Breakfast

Crystal Palace – Lunch

Tony’s Town Square – Lunch

Chef Mickeys – Breakfast and Dinner

Artist Point – Dinner

Yeti & Yak – Lunch

TRex – Dinner

Hollywood & Vine – Lunch

That is 16 sit down restaurants and one pretty pricy one at Artist Point.

With the basic dining plan it is $47.99 per person and would include 11 sit down meals. So you still have to pay for 5 meals. It is $95.98 per day for two people. For 11 days the cost would be $1055.78 total. But I only spent $1200 on it all which is $144.22 more then the dining plan and got 5 more sit down meals. I have some of the receipts still to hopefully show a breakdown at a later date but really what am I missing? I think I had a far better deal. Oh and btw We also ate at a quick service each day on that $144.22. So……………..

Now how does that dining plan look? In my opinion i like my deal better.

Also don’t forget that FREE dining you get Is based on RACK rate room not discounted room. Again not a sweet deal when you pay $200 for the same room that i get for $100.


One response to “Take That Disney Dining Plan

  • Lawanna (Savin' It Up)

    I have never tried the regular dining plan through Disney, but have priced it out. I was worried about gratuity that we would still have to pay and unsure of the “Real” cost of it. However, we are a family of (what Disney considers) adults. So we might have came out ok. Because I was unsure of the prices, we chose the quick service dining plan, which my family and I loved ( I know some people don’t like it). We only ate hamburger and fries once, but I did not have to pay anything “extra” for our food.

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