Where do you get cash back on discounted items?

Okay so with all of these great places to buy from where do you find cash back for them all.  I have really been on a saving mission and so I thought I would pass on what I found.

Disney Cruise Line = UPromise 3% Back

Gilt = UPromise 3% Back

Groupon = UPromise 6% Back

Groupon = Sunshine Rewards 2.5% Back

Mamapedia (Mamasource) = Sunshine Rewards 4% Back

Mamasource = UPromise 5% Back

Walt Disney Resorts = UPromise 3% Back

Zulily = UPromise 3% Back

Zuilily = MyPoints 10 points per $1.00

now here are a few things you should know about each place.

UPromise is set up to give Cash back into a persons account to pay for college.  Now you can also get checks from them but you have to have a min of $10.00 in the account for it to be requested.

MyPoints is a points system and offers some great rewards.  I use my rewards I earn there for Rainforest Cafe cards for our disney Trips.

Sunshine Rewards by far has the best customer Service.  I am the most loyal to them because they are the most loyal to me.  If I am missing a credit they find it.  They have a great forum and have given me years of friendships.  Plus you get $2.00 just for joining.

Anyway you look at any of these rewards sites you come out ahead.

I have a referral link for Sunshine but if you would like referrals to any of the others please let me know.  And if you would like to weigh in on what you think your favorite site is please by all means.



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