Hot!!! Method Laundry Soap/Gilt City Deal

Okay I did this deal and it is a sweet deal.  I love Method Laundry products but they do get pretty pricy and they don’t go on sale much so I often stock up when I can.  Here is the Hot deal I just got:

Gilt City Atlanta has a deal where you get $40 in Method Laundry products for $25.00.

I purchases one of these.  The certificate came in about 15 minutes.

I then went to and went to the Method section located on the left.  I put in 2 larger bottles at the $15 price tag and one smaller bottle at the $8 price tag.  My total came out to $39 and some change.  I put in the code Gilt City had sent me.  It came out to $0.00 and FREE shipping.

Here where I live the small bottles are about $10 each and the big bottles $14 each.  There are tons of ways to work this angle but overall you essentially get a large bottle for FREE.



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