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  • My name is Cherise Elder and I am a Small Business Owner with 2 small businesses that work together in perfect harmony. I am a Disney Travel Planner with Pixie Vacations…and while I work under an agency’s supervision, I am an independent contractor.

    As a DTP, it’s my job to listen carefully to what would make a perfect vacation experience for each client tailor make their plans to suit their family. It’s my job to take the stress out of planning, to sit on the phone for hours getting just the right character dining time and to make sure that their transfers from the airport to the resort go smoothly. It’s also part of my job to take every little opinion that their friends have given them on their experiences and narrow them down so that they can sort through their hopes and dreams rather than having to plan just like their friends….opinions are great…but overloading can make a client’s head explode.

    I got into this business after years of owning a Custom Boutique Clothing business for children called Pick-A-Lily’s Custom Design Studios….since 97% of what I sew is Disney, it just seemed like a natural coupling and I am loving being all-Disney, all the time. :-) I offer discounts and incentives in both of my small businesses and specials for clients who support both of them at once.

    Whether it’s in my custom boutique business or making your Disney vacation dreams come true, I offer all of my clients concierge level service that goes above and beyond most other travel professionals and am readily available to help with all of their questions. Thank you so very much for supporting small businesses and a special thank you for those of you who have continuously supported me over these last 10 years.

    You can contact me on my FB page of:
    Cherise Elder ~ Disney Vacation Planner ~ Pixie Vacations


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